We invite you to an international handball cup – our motto is: A total experience!

June 29 - July 2 2017

Bergen Cup is a youth handball tournament in Bergen, Norway.

There will be opportunities to experience much of Bergen in addition to the tournament, both attractions and various activities. Come and explore the city between the seven mountains!

Tournament facts:

• Boys and girls aged 11–18 years
• All matches played on artificial turf
• A and B play-offs
• Matches last 2 x 15 min
• All teams are guaranteed 5–8 matches
• Finals played indoors

Travel to Bergen

Bergen is easy to get to, from the rest of Norway and from abroad.

By plane:

  • Direct ferry routes from Denmark.
  • By train:
  • The Bergen Railway between Oslo and Bergen is an experience in itself.
  • By bus or car:
  • Experience the magnificent mountain passes and majestic fjord landscape.

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